This will be a course designed to help students learn about personal health and fitness. It will also be a tool for students to track their own health and fitness during the time of the course. 

Students will conduct research on a given topic that is within the Health & Nutrition industry. Students will be placed in groups, where they will collaborate to conduct research on their groups topic and find an article to critic. The group will determine whether or not the article is factual or not based on knowledge developed through research. The group will present to the class their findings and prove whether or not they agree with the health/nutrition article. 

This course is designed to allow students to work at their own pace in reading materials and taking self-tests in relationship to recreational sports and health related areas of wellness.

Students will learn basic health and wellness concepts. The students will take what they have learned during the course and create individualized fitness plans. The students can use fitness plans to improve overall health.