TSW II is a special educaiton class for seniors that helps them explore possible careers after high school.

TSW I is a special education course for juniors and seniors that teachers soft skills for the workplace.

     In order to support students with disabilities in making the transition to adult living, PUSD and VR offer a specially designed Transition from School to Work (TSW) course of study for eligible VR clients. Students who qualify will take the TSW classes and earn elective credits. The two classes are taken over two semesters in the junior and/or senior year.  The course objectives include the identification of a realistic career goal and development of a post -high school plan of action to achieve employ-ment.  


 Self-Awareness: How will my disability impact me in my career?

 Career Exploration: What does the job market look like? Where do my skills fit?

 Job Readiness: What should I know regarding my appearance, resume writing, searching for a job, interview skills and networking?

 Independent Living: How will I access the community?  What do I need to know to manage adult responsibilities?

 Work Experience: What can I do now in order to learn employment skills? 

 Post High School Plan: What are my next steps when I leave high school? Where can I obtain the support I need?

The program offers in-class instruction and  community-based opportunities, including site visits, volunteer experiences and job shadows. 

This is a course directed to the Instructional Assistant staff working within the autistic program at Ironwood High School

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This is a cross curricular unit based on the Olympics.  The current unit is focused on the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Write a concise and interesting paragraph here that explains what this course is about

This class helps high school students explore post graduate educational and vocational options.